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    August 13, 2018
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YOUR SMILE MATTERS! By: Dr. Steven Sulfaro ROOT CANALS AND CROWNS Once a tooth becomes infected a root canal is needed to save the tooth. An infected tooth will never heal on its own. An abscessed tooth is a source of chronic infection that can drag down your immune system and in advanced cases can be life threatening In year's past the only treatment option for an abscessed tooth was to have the tooth extracted. Now saving the tooth with endodontic (root canal treatment) is a more favorable option. Once the root canal treat- ment is completed, a crown is often, but not always, needed. One of the main reasons a tooth needs endodontic treatment in the first place, is because there is a very large and deep cavity. Most teeth that need root canals have huge cavities. Root canalled teeth are usually weaker that regular teeth. The larger the area of decay the less tooth structure remaining and the weaker the tooth is. The overall success rate of a root canal is 95% The number one reason a tooth that has had a root canal ultimately fails and needs to be extracted is because the tooth fractures and breaks becoming non-restorable. A crown provides much needed support and rein forcement to the tooth preventing fracturing Now, there are times when a tooth has had a root canal and there is plenty of remain ing strong tooth structure. In these cases a crown is not needed. Therefore, the need for a crown after a root canal is determined on a case-by-case, basis I welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to e-mail me SULffRO FAMLY DENTISTRY CREATING BEAUTIFUL SMILES FOR OVER 20 YEARS 607 N. Saginaw St. Holly Call TODAY For Your Appointment 248-634-4671

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